Old Poems

This beautiful girl no one knows what goes through her head

The fact that shes looking for shelter, love, or that she wants to be dead

People make mistakes

Some try to hide it with whatever it takes

But this beautiful girl let someone get the best of her

Instead of saying no she said sure

Why? who knows

What happens happens what comes eventualy goes

This beautiful girl how could she we ask

But all along she was wearing a mask

I bet she wanted to open up but was to ashame

Now she must take the blame

But this beautiful girl will still be loved shes family

I just hope one day she'll be ready for reality

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for my cousin I love her so much but im afraid of what she will become

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Levi Pardue's picture

I like this one, believe it or not. Decided to come drop in on you since you paid me a visit. There's minor things I would change, but to tell you the truth, I'll leave it alone 'cause this probably reflects your style. I like it. And I hope that your cousin sees the light eventually and comes along the path to Jesus Christ.