Plan B



The sound of the storm kept making it harder and harder to think of anything else.

“where are we?” I asked, but my worlds fell flat as I tried to hear what my parents were talking about in the front of the car, their voices sounded worried and yet normal, as if they were trying to hide desperation behind a calm tone. I tried to look though the window but I could see nothing, it was one of those moonless dark nights, and of course, the storm didn’t help much.

“Are we lost?” This time my question was outshined by a lighting. “I’m scared” I said, then another lighting. My mom turned around “It’s okay, go back to sleep” she said this in a maternal kind of way. But I knew it wasn’t okay, I couldn’t have been okay, because if it were, then they would have answered my question. It’s never fun to take a nap on a road trip and waking up in the middle of the road instead of home. We must have been on the road for at least six hours now, where were we? My father kept driving as the storm kept getting worse. All of the sudden the pavement became a dirt road, that was not part of the plan, I could tell. The rocks on the road made it feel like we could have been about to fall from a precipice every time we drove over one.  Trees on both sides of the path moved with the wind as if they were about to be ripped off the ground. I could see no other cars, it was just us, there, in the middle of nowhere. All of the sudden a tire exploded forcing my father to stop the car. My dad pulled over and they both looked at each other, my mom and dad, but they didn’t say a word. “Dad” I called, not precisely knowing what I was calling on him for, I guess I was seeking for security. My father turned around this time, he looked at me, but I couldn’t see his face because it was just to dark inside and out of the car. He opened his door, told my mom something that I couldn’t understand and got off the car. My mom followed him.

At that time, I wasn’t sure what to think. How could it possibly get worse? How far away form home were we? How many hours of night were left before daylight could help us? I suddenly felt a big relief looking though the window, the storm seemed so cold and I could then feel the warm temperature inside the car, the one that had been there all along but I hadn’t notice. I quickly started feeling very tired again, my eyes where struggling to remain open and a calm feeling took over me. My parents were out there in the rain trying to fix everything but I knew I was just too little to help. My eyes finally closed.


The next time I woke up I was in my room, my clothes were all gone and replaced by my favorite pink elephant pajamas. How did this happen? How did my parents managed to find their way back home form the middle of nowhere? I guess It’s part of the magic behind parents that I still don’t fully understand. But oh how easy it used to be to close your eyes and let somebody else drive you all the way though the rough path.

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