Before you go

The world that always spins and just when you think you know the end your world changes up again, 

And that is why I know I'll have to let go but not without first letting you know, 
In the dark you were always there to glow,
Not many people would care but you were always there, 
Helping me along the way,
Showing me not all are the same, 
And that is why I have to let you know before you go, 
The small things you do mean more than you think,
For me they helped me when I thought I might sink, 
For many you made days better and smiles brighter, 
Big gifts like a 350 Z that's what you think people see, 
But not for me, 
it was the small things, 
they mean everything. 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem that was inspired by a coworker who helped me through a difficult time. He would always say he wanted to be rich one day and give all his friends expensive cars and things like that. In the poem I wanted him to know he didn't need money to touch people because he already was touching lives in big ways through the small things. Feel free to comment. 

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Small things

Yes, the best friends are those who love you enough to know the small things that mean a lot to you.

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Love is a strange thing

Love is a strange thing