A Celtic Thunder Storm

Thunder rolls, and lightning flashes
You see five figures, silhouetted.
On the horizon, you see them stand,
And all of a sudden, you hear a band.

Playing "Heartland", and "Ireland’s Call",
"Steal Away", and "Take Me Home",
All together, and one by one,
They sing in time with the sound of drums.

Still many more songs you hear,
Some bring a smile, some bring a tear.
Some are old, and some are new,
And soon you find, you’re singing too.

Yet, all too soon, the storm is done,
All the songs have now been sung.
Their voices fade, and soon are gone,
As lightning flashes, and thunder rolls.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written in dedication to and inspired by the lads of Celtic Thunder, past and present.

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