Fake Smiles

I'm not happy,

but you can't see that.

Because when you look at me,

you will see me laughing;

you will see me smiling.

You don't see the sadness in me.

You don't see me crying.

You don't hear me screaming for help.

I hide behind a smile.

A fake smile.

I can't hide forever.

Soon I'll have to face the facts.

The facts of my unhappy life.

And then you'll see,

that these smiles were all fake.

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Alejandra Roman's picture

i can relate to this so much. seems i do exactly this everyday.

starlite_angel's picture

Nice poem. I've written something like this before, a couple years back. It was so easy for me to hide behind a smile I had pasted to my face, no one could see past it.. and even after a while neither could I. I suppose it was about then I had to help myself rather then pull myself down. You might think people can't see the pain.. but some can... Your eyes tell a different story then a fake smile.
Take care.