Please, open your eyes,

you are blinded by an obsession.

it is getting between your life.

it has put you in a state of depression.

I know it hurts and is hard to move on.

but hopefully you have learned a lesson.

you only see the past,

but you're missing the present.

God's giving you a chance to make you happy.

i wish you would see this as a blessing.

all those days you have gone to church has paid off.

but all you see me as is a distraction.

i am so sweet to you and would give you everything.

but basically all i am is a refraction,

of him, the only one you see.

you never even gave me a reaction.

one day you will get over him,

but will also lose my affection.

the only thing you are forgetting is this,

over your head, blinding you, is a blanket of obsession.

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Alexis Hunter's picture

this poem is incredible, very good work, i will read a few more, keep up the writeing, i would be totally honored for you to read some of my poetry, plesase leave feed back too if u have any spare time :P lata man