Message to Women

Women of the world,

please be smart and become strong.

if you are with a hateful guy,

you shouldn't have to stay with him long.

he does not deserve the love he gets,

from the one he abuses.

and you deserve better,

than to be someone he just uses.

not all men are assholes.

you just get the wrong example.

after the bad guy breaks your heart,

the good guy doesn't even get to sample.

if you become scared to love,

you will live your life short.

the only way you are whole,

is if you become smart.

pay attention to the signs,

and red flags that God gives you.

and if you come across an asshole,

don't take it out on the next man that meets you.

because each person is different,

and the assholes are easy to spot.

they lie to girls faces,

just to get what they want.

as soon as a guy mistreats you,

dismiss him right a away.

because that is a faulty decision,

that he chose to make.

but don't let that stop teh good guy,

from showing you how he's great.

cause he will make you happy,

if you just TRUST him and reciprocate.

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Anony Moose's picture

Dear Matt,

thank you for your trumpets of freedom

one way we can all make the world
better.. is to put a woman... onto the supreme
court... a woman of peace