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Prison, does it always come with bars.

the visitation hours are the same,

defeats the purpose of free when you don't have a car.

yes, i have possessions a prisoner can't possess,

but when it comes down to the emotional sense,

my punishment will always be stress.

the visitation is mainly a few hours with a family member,

but when there was always someone there...

this is a thought i can never remember.

am i really being punished for a subconscious act?

cause whenever i really need someone,

a friend becomes something i really lack.

want to talk about purpose, my purpose must be pain.

when i accomplish one thing, 2 things disappear.

i knew life is a struggle, but why this much of a strain?

no matter what, I'm going to get out of these walls.

i will not stop fighting for love,

i will breakthrough this imprisonment,

no matter how long it will take for these walls to fall

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Todd Pack's picture

Well, kid, you've heard me comment on your work before . . . but once again, you've hit the nail on the head. This sums up a lot of the stuff we struggle for, at least those of us who are true bearers of the Word, and not the idiots out there scrambling for money or sex or power. Somebody with a heart like yours should never have to want for a friend. God knows we all need 'em.

jgupta's picture

Lonliness sucks al alike! Good write.