this is the price i pay to make them happy.

So i sit and say that everythings gonna be ok.

Pain is what I get in effort to see a smile on a different face.

i'm sick of this game, i'm tired of running this race.

wanna be my friend?

just screw me over.

everythings gonna turn out great.

Cause no matter what,

I'll forgive you at the end of the day.

so this is what friends are for,

to be used, lied to, and treated like shit.

i love my friends

sure can't ask for more.

give them advice, they'll spit in your face.

but after they're knocked down,

they expect you to stick up for their ways.

now i see why a dog is a man's best friend.

they sure won't take you for granted,

like the ones in my life where the friendship never ends.

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there are times in my life that make me feel the same way! its a great poem