The Prisoner

I am the drown, lost in hollow promises.

I am the broken, drowning in residue tears.

I am the fault, imprisoned in glass hell.


I am the one, Addict and Dealer.

I am the one, Judge and Jury.


I am drunk, rambling in this madness.

I am the addicted, casted into the brown glass.

I am the beaten, sinking in the spillage.


I am the one, Gaurd and Warden.

I am the one, Executioner and the Guilty.


I am the defeated, wasting years away.

I am the drinker, dying in the addiction.

I am the poison, swallowed to drown the spirit.


I am the Prisoner, I am the brown glass.

Addict and Dealer.


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We Are Our Addictions


Just spent a year kicking a sugar high addiction, now it's carbs for 2016/17. Alcohol is big business and bootleg happens when it becomes illegal. Humans are mostly stupid about what they put down their throats up their noses, in their veins. I know. I ate Russell Stover's chocolates until my pancreas said stop or die. - :S




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i have gotten better.

I switched from boozing to overeating chocolates and sweets.  I have cut back a lot this past year, and my check up was superbly positive.  A little chunky, but I am in good health.  Yea, some humans are not smart at all.


I am an artist of words as well as paints.