Trap Queen

Upon a dark night

pieces into play

Two to be checked

One maneuvering away


Take the board off the table

Break the pieces down to nothing

Grind the game to a halt

To create a new rendition


Pick the pieces up and play


Pick the pieces up and play



No time, no time

No control for roles of exhibition

No chance, no stance

Playing in the state of this submission


Pick the pieces up and play


Pick the pieces up and play



Check the lines

Check the lies

Check the power play at hand

Check the ninety-nined hand

And the garrison of grey

Can’t stay


Move into a new transition

Can’t stay


Checked into this new state of



White knight countered

By the sable token trick

Picked off perfectly at peace

Just to take another hit


Queen moves. Check.

Queen moves. Check.


Take the piece off the board

In a game of black and white

Where one false-handed-shift

Brings the Queen to sit tight


Can’t follow play-for play

When one’s just reacting

To the hollowness of movements

And the game’s counteracting


Leave the game

Leave the game

Leave the game in mint condition

Take the pieces off the board

Having rendered your suspicion

Of the memories you’ve stored

Stored deep in this condition


Played this game for keeps

Played this game to win it

Movements so discrete

Played it for a minute

Know you’ve played it all before

Knowing you would win it

And you know for a minute

You’re not playing it to finish


Checked to the game

Checked to the power

Checked to the Queen

Trapping you and your hours

Checking all the time

Checked into your ivory tower


Can’t move fixed pieces

When they’re running from the board

Pick the pieces up and played them

‘till the play is ignored


Bring the pieces back to play


Pick the pieces up and play.



How’s a Pawn to be wrong

To be putting up position

Always on guard to disregard

When was weakness a tradition

That became a new admission

To be stuck in this position

Can’t be forced to surrender

When you’ve never moved in

Always sitting back in your attack

How’s a player supposed to win


Queen moves. Check.

Queen moves. Check.


King’s cornered in the black

Moving sideways back-to-back

All the pieces bottlenecked

As the game draws to an end

On a flight without a fight


And all the actions just pretend.


As it Draws to an end

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Sounds Like

it was somebody's interesting life:
a draft, a game's objective
a teacher's mark
to demonstrate
professionalist night work
what hockey players do
when the goalie is tied-in
check, as in stopping
the game from proceeding
due to illegal activities
or checked-out as in caught
in the act of infamy.
Lady A