Bullet Proof Youth

I  was a young warrior

A bullet proof  youth

This was my time

I  could not loose

As the first ships sank

I  held my breath

Now I  knew

It could end in death

As a 19 year old

 I wrote my will

Should the enemy

Me they kill

Looking around at all my mates

Our carefree journey

Soon turned to hate

When our officers told us

The Sheffield was lost

I wanted revenge

The die had been cast

On D Day we turned

From boys to men

Our lives would never 

Be the same again

My young eyes

Saw the dead and dying

Burnt limbless guardsman

But not one was crying 

I took a life

But saved a few

I was a soldier

Its what we do

To those we left

In the cold frozen ground

We Will Remember You

As we drink our first round

I was a young warrior

A bullet proof youth

As for War

I now know the awful truth.



© Tony McNally











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