`Tommy Atkins`

God bless Tommy Atkins for taking the Kings shilling
He fought the Hun and did not run in the midst of all the killing
God Bless Tommy Atkins for his service in Korea
Against the Chinese hordes his bravery awards did not dispel his fear
God bless Tommy Atkins for service in the Suez canal
Government sent him there then they ran scared
Lost his leg got no medal lost his pal
God bless Tommy Atkins for service in Northern Ireland
In the Emerald Isle he saw humanity defiled
Through the bombing and killing he kept smiling
God bless Tommy Atkins in the liberation of Kuwait
He took his posionous jabs saw the burnt Arabs
Now he limps with an awakward gait
God bless Tommy Atkins for protecting the Balkan muslims
Instead of counting sheep sees dead babies in his sleep
With Croat skeletons in Chetnic prisons
God bless Tommy Atkins in his war against the Taliban
This war is just cause to stop Anthrax spores
In a hellhole called Afghanistan.


© Tony McNally

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Blessings, Yes Blessings!

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The wars of the 20th Century make you wonder about resource depletion and the wars that will be fought in the 21st Century. In your face poetry, this. ~Allets~