Tu eris Non occides,




Thou shalt not Kill

They told me at school

To love they Neighbour

Seemed to be the rule

Then I became a soldier

Rules seemed to change

They gave me a rifle

I practiced on the range

We killed wooden images

Of Russian soldiers

The recoil of the rifle

Bruising the shoulders

Then one day it was War

Padre blessed us on the ship

We sang “Onward Christian Soldiers “

Prayed we wouldn’t get hit

So we were the good guys?

They were the bad?

We were given the green light

To kill was not so bad?

We won our War and went home

Handed back our weapons

Went home and hugged our families

Trying to ignore our nightmare demons

Back to, Thou shalt not kill

I suppose will be the rule

Until you’re Country says

Pick up that gun you fool.



© Tony McNally

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Peace Talks

Only a patriot picks up a weapon and goes to war; the rest choose self-exile or hide. The next war is on the planning board, a whole new wave of men and women to make the point of order as decreed by the old, the rich, and the world's politically and greed oriented.