Better Tomorrow

It seems like Yesterday I held you in my arms,
I kissed your forehead and told you,
“I’ll be yours forever until my soul’s due”
But that’s just what it is, Yesterday.
All I have are memories of us
Joking and laughing, cuddling and smiling.
Today, I’ll stop and think about what
You’re doing and with who you’re with.
I’ll ask myself can he match my kiss?
Can he hold you like I did?
Can he love with my strength?
And can he be weakened by your touch?
If the answer is yes then once again
I’ll turn a smile; I’ll look to Tomorrow
Where I’ll find that feeling,
Where I’ll love again,
Where Yesterday stays
And Today ends.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about a break up a year ago, i was sad.


I've moved away from breakup and depressing poetry to other topics comings soon. 

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