Break Up Relationship

13 Years

sad poetry

2 months shy of 13 years,

And we have succome to all our fears.

Everything we swore we'd never become,

Is where we are after all we've come from.

I'm sorry to say I don't think I'm the one,

You deserve to be happy and to have only fun.

Like a bad dream,I'd like to wake to a new reality,

Take us back to a time when we were so carefree.

Sorry I wasn't the one for you in this life,

Promise in the next I'll make a much better wife.

So please don't feel bad about how we fell apart,

Both are responsible for this mess from the start.

Maybe one day our love will spark a new flame,

Our story knowing fresh beginnings,without blame.

You will always be in my heart and on my mind,

With memories so sweet and words only kind.

Fear not for the future,you are an amazing man,

Someone looking in vein could do you better than I can.

I can't help the feeling that I'm holding you back,

And I'd like to fix the strengths that I lack.

For the first time in a while I'm thinking clearly,

Knowing I didn't deserve the love I held so dearly.


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My mind was cloudy then,
Some feelings I couldn't remember,
But I know how I feel right now,
The pain will last forever,

How can I walk away,
From the things I love the most,
Why must I always choose,
Cant I have them both,

I will write my own history,
For things that are to come,
I'll shake hands with the underworld,
I will be the chosen one,

Sweep me off my feet,
Throw me into the fire,
Why I cant control these things,
These things that I desire,

I will just be here,
And it will just be now,
Deception with a slight of hand,
I will let you down.......

memories of us

Memories of us haunt my dreams,
Lost love and innocence.
I thought you were the one,
But you were just a lie.

I was blinded by your smile,
Couldn't see the danger in your eyes.
You gained my trust and stole my heart.

I melted in your arms everytime,
But i was only a game to you.
I trusted you with my heart
and you broke it with a smile of victory.
Keeping the pieces as your prize

Memories of us haunt my dreams
Of lost love and innocence.

You broke my trust and lost my love
Now you're back for more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Any thoughts or tips?

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One Heart to another - Don't accept second best.

Find me because you have searched for someone like me,
Not because you lost someone else before and stumbled upon me.
Want me because there is no one else you want but me,
Not because you are not wanted by someone else.
Be with me because there’s no one you'd rather be than with than me,
Not because someone else was busy or turned you down.
Smile with me because you’re happy and you can laugh with me,
Not because your hiding your feelings for someone else.
Understand me because you take the time to listen to me,
Not because you just accept what I say, while thinking of someone else
Fall for me because you are willing to let go for me,
Not because you happened to trip in to my arms instead of someone else’s
Trust in me because everything I say you believe in me,
Not because you have not yet found an alternative answer by someone else.
Be there for me because bad things sometimes happens to me,
Not because you’re in trouble yourself, and no one else is there for you.
Care for me because you want to take care of me,
Not because someone else does not want to care of you.
Live with me because you want to make a home with me,
Not because you have no one else’s house to live.
Make love with me to express how you feel for me,
Not because you just needed to feel loved by someone else.
Love me because you have never felt this way but for me,
Not because you do not get the same love back from someone else.
Marry me because you realise all of the above is true,
Not because it's just something you want to do.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Was at a wedding and was inspired by the readings, The poem is from my personal experiences, where my true love left me but has carried on wanting me however not enough to leave the the other person. This poem goes through each stages of the relationship to make sure that the person wanting your attention is for the right reasons. ...My first poem I have ever posted!

Tattoo no more

Life goes on

I used to love it and always rubbed it,
this tattoo that was for you,

Tattoo no more about to become,
something pure and sweet,
so i can look at my arm again
without feeling you're deceit,

looking back when i got this for you,
what the hell was i thinking,
you were never going to be,

Never will i see you after i say goodbye,
to this Turquoise brand of a person,
not of man but of something
strange and out of place lost,
in a world of you're own mental,

Tattoo no more be gone for,
good so i can be happy with,
the one i should,

Just one more step and
then i"m new with you,
out of my life and tattoo gone
there's nothing to remind me
of a creature unkind

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Love Lost

Love lost, nothing gained,

I used to love you, you're not the same.

Past is gone, forget you not,

My heart still holds that special spot!

Storms pass, feel the rain,

Now it's time to share the pain.

Love is lost, nothing gained,

Let's let go or go insane!

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Better Tomorrow

It seems like Yesterday I held you in my arms,
I kissed your forehead and told you,
“I’ll be yours forever until my soul’s due”
But that’s just what it is, Yesterday.
All I have are memories of us
Joking and laughing, cuddling and smiling.
Today, I’ll stop and think about what
You’re doing and with who you’re with.
I’ll ask myself can he match my kiss?
Can he hold you like I did?
Can he love with my strength?
And can he be weakened by your touch?
If the answer is yes then once again
I’ll turn a smile; I’ll look to Tomorrow
Where I’ll find that feeling,
Where I’ll love again,
Where Yesterday stays
And Today ends.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about a break up a year ago, i was sad.


I've moved away from breakup and depressing poetry to other topics comings soon. 

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