``Love without Fear``

I don`t know where you are

And I don`t know who you are

But I am sure we will meet If we have not already

and on that day my life will make sense

because I`ll know why I`m here and I`ll love with no fear

when we touch it will be magic

but on the day we part it will be tragic

because sadly I believe in those ridiculous stories

on how your first love is filled with pain and sorries

but I will not be angry nor torn with regret

because my true love is out there

we just have not met

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Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

Really touching poem. I've met "mine" already and it turned out exactly as you described it...

wolfangel87's picture

I really liked it, I wish I had that outlook on the future

Lauren Ellis's picture

Exactly how i feel, you hit the nail on the head with this, good job, it's sweet an oh, so, so true.
Lauren x

Essence Scott's picture

entirely true...anything can happen