In The Years Since

I couldn't hear the next hour


Grandfather clock

Though the wood chipper


A shattered glass case

A greenhouse for endless nights



Three thousand and ninety degrees

Somehow, reverting back to silica


Now naked, leafless and alone


I had felt a draft

Thought it was just a crack


Sand grains counting seconds

Sudden gale blows away


And pulls my roots upwards

As it topples me forward

Wind tears a seed free


A breath of yesterday seeks a future

Samaras carried onward

To land where it only

Rains tears of you and me


And I can't forget

What I won't forget

And I won't forget

What I can't


Which is it?

Why don't you ask that fresh sapling

I thought I used to understand




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"A breath of yesterday seeks

"A breath of yesterday seeks a future

Samaras carried onward 

To land where it only 

Rains tears of you and me 


THAT is remarkably beautiful! The whole piece is a work of aching artistry, but that stanza is Unforgettable! I love it so much, dear poet. This is excellent!


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This is the kind of poem that

This is the kind of poem that will haunt the reader with the most poignant emotion for some time after the final word has been read and the reader has moved on to something else.  Later, some random word or phrase, in another poem or in some classic novel will suddenly give way to the power of this poem in the reader's memory.  The last three stanzas are particularly dramatic, the more so for their very quiet tone.

Enjoy effulgent days, and exquisite nights,

unto the exultations of Heaven.


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Great write 

Great write 

*~Be Legendary ~ Ian Mascoe*

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Thank you very much : )

Thank you very much!

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The impact of your mournful

The impact of your mournful and phenomenally beautiful expression lingers after the last line is read. Such graceful dexterity of language and meditative, heart-clutching expression. I completely resonated with every enthralling line. Loving it! 

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Thank you for taking such

Thank you for taking such time to both soak in the mourning and it's beauty (as you kindly define it), and to share your graceful thoughts. As always, your generous insight deserves more attention and praise than my poem, and I greatly appreciate that blessing.

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Thank you, Stephen!

Thank you, Stephen!