The Twisted Order

Twisted Branches

cut throat black friday
cutting into the turkey
still half frozen
and you wake up from the coma,
in time for cyber monday
if there's a sleep walk between
squeeze in a little stroll on saturday
waking up just before sunset
to pop in to a mom and pop
and maybe, just maybe, well
after all of your cravings are filled,
your loved ones are smothered in stuff,
and the children have their twenty-fifth
version of monopoly
which is probably
about how many rule our world,

so very symbolic
after all that spending has built both skyscrapers in manhattan
and inside the children's closets

stop looking at your phone for a moment
search around in your pocket
you might just have a few coins
to donate therafter
to what do they call it?


giving tuesday, ah yes


the twisted order
of our corporate-led world, and
our bane, consumerist approach


spend spend spend
on want and waste
and if there's a lint-covered nickle left
that somehow survives five days

or the fact that you'd normally toss it around

perhaps, without a thought let it roll away on the ground
score a feel good cherry on top and give it away
(to the red cross, of course, they're verified
who will give most of it to the adminstrative staff)


the twisted order
of this first world existence
they say the crazy man is the one not tangled up in it


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Pungus's picture

Nice Balance

Refined writing

Super cool word flow

Easy to follow

A consistent theme

Sensical and yet

"Too far out there"

Why strangely enough

I really enjoyed it

Most could enjoy