do you trust the world not to fall on you?
i’m standing on the world, i have to trust
myself not to drop. i’m an implosion of doom
enjoying expressions like good grief, my structure
is closer to collapsing because the bolts unloosen,
thinking my thoughts are unique, sounding

like a dead man, the one who invented
the atomic bomb to protect the world from Nazis
and orange mist, didn’t work of course
nobody laughs at my jokes, wife thinks
my penis is small and wants a threesome
with the neighbor who steals my newspaper,

the sun is dying, learned about it in fifth grade
along with putting a condom on and long division,
a little too late if you ask me, and everybody
dislikes the idea i might want to pray or learn
Korean, my life is a parachute that won’t open

i’m going down and not on my wife
people call me crude, saying my behavior
is for shock value, i like sitting naked
in my living room with the windows open
clothes are itchy, socks have a tendency
to make my feet smell automatically,

cleanliness is next to godliness and i
need all the god i can muster, why i
sing hymns because i hear they like music
up there more than talking, conversations
in chitchat sounds like static in an oyster,

can’t know for sure i recognize the world
have to assume i don’t, ignorant of the cosmos
and my own capacity for greatness, clouds
could be my thoughts, trees could be my limps
sun could be my soul, and even if the world
falls i’d have to go with it, and how’d i know
i was dropping when i would give up the ghost

before we land at the end of time because we are
booming through the millenniums and it takes
a long time to get to a floor so bottomless.  
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This was a most enjoyable

This was a most enjoyable reading experience.

Enjoy effulgent days and exquisite nights.



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The Beats Would Like This

"...a floor so bottomless.." Ouch! The new beat poem - reworked adages and cliches, aphorisms and sayings that elevate and tickle the poet's aesthetic reflexes - Real nice! Enjoyment is a good write read :D - allets -