Knob Creek

Shot one goes down sneaking glances at her pictures.

Somehow this new face feels so familiar.

Intoxicated, a lover of language rendered speechless,

But the first shot hasn't hit me yet.


Shot two, the first song I played for her is on an endless loop in my head.

I hang on the cliff of every word she's written,

Wondering who am I worthy enough to see her in all of her beauty?

I stumble, although I haven't stood up.


Shot three, desire beats in my chest as fear floods into my pulse.

I can't afford to forfeit my chance.

Only the fool walks past a diamond.

My words slur as I meditate in my silence.


Shot four, let this be real and let this last.

No room for pain to dominate passion.

I want to sing to her how I feel,

But my notes are monotone.


I hope I never come down from this inebriation.

Knob Creek whiskey cascades flat as water....

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Visiting this a second time,

Visiting this a second time, two years ago i think was the first, I find the read just as exciting, and I was hurrying to the end to see how that came out.  Then, I read more slowly, more leisurely, like the old man I am, to get the real depth of the poem.



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Reading the second time, I

Reading the second time, I find this poem is a combination of two very different cultures:  it has the sound of the best of country music; and it also sounds like a classic invocation to the Muse, perhaps written by one of the Roman poets of the Neoteric school.  The congruence, and collision, of both these aspects create a timelessness that lifts the poem up from either.  This is quite an achievement.  The poem is as fascinating for the echoes it implies as for its surface statements (I do not mean superficial; just the statements on the poem's face).  Like I said, there are depths here that cannot be plumbed in a first reading.



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Like all excellent poems,

Like all excellent poems, this one has profound depths that I have not yet reached on first reading, but---even on the first reading---this is memorable, wow!



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If you aim to flatter, you

If you aim to flatter, you succeed. Thank you for taking the time to absorb it.

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Four Belts

It MUST B love! - nicely written - slc



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Why thank you

Why thank you