Shallow End

1998 - 2010

How can you hold me close to you

When there's no ground under your feet

How can you take me to the sky

WHen you haven't grown your wings

How can you show me love

When you don't know what it means

How can you make me whole

When you, yourself, are incomplete

Why would I leave the ocean floor

To drown at the shallow end

Why do you look me in the eye

And say I'm just a friend

Why do you wade in shallow water

You claim you're ready to dive in

Your lies keep you in denial

And you have no where to begin

You try to hide behind the lines

I know exactly where you are

You keep aiming for the moon

And all you seem to grap are stars

Keep trying to pull off a finale

You'll see you have no where to start

One day you'll know the key to your mind

And the secrets of my heart

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written December 17, 2004

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