Heart of Stone

1998 - 2010

I took my heart of flesh and beat it till it turned to stone

I couldn’t let the blood flow,

Or watch it race to the finish line.

I needed to see the flat line, to know

That numbness had its victory.

My heart of stone won’t beat rapidly whenever it hears…

Whenever it feels you passing along

Stone is cold and can’t turn my blood to steam.

It can’t set the things your eyes can’t see

Into a forest fire.

The lack of heat won’t produce a blush

Or a humming bird whenever I scream,

“You’re no friend of mine!”

It’s set in shape and firm in place

So it can’t feel the empty space whenever

You’re gone.

And when you’re gone, my heart of stone will be unwise.

If won’t sink itself into a state of missing you.

Cold can’t create memories, cold can’t fear

That you’ll never return. This is why I damn near

Murdered my heart until it couldn’t feel a thing.

Until your fire ceased to burn.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written September 3, 2009

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spacecowboy's picture

phenomenal poem. Amazing work, flawless. keep writing :)