Times Like That

1998 - 2010

Those days when the sun is shinin

You can't stop smilin

You feel good inside

Such a nice suprise

The clouds roll in

And the thunder begins

Ending your perfect day

Who said sunshine last forever anyway

Those days when love is at your fingertips

The words are sittin on your lips

Nothin could be better

You could stay like this forever

But then the sun sets

A slap in the face is all you get

Except for memories you can't forget

And moments you wanna regret

You've found the one who's your match

And you're convinced this one will last

He's the moon and you're the sun

Everyone knows that he's the one

Then the distance between you expands

Than you never ever see him again

And you finally just give it up

LIke you've never heard of love

Don't get caught up in times like that

Who the hell said happiness was meant to last

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written July 5, 2004

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