Rich Girl

1998 - 2010

She has everything in the world she could ever want

She has a life beyond the basis of dreams

But why does she cry and feel alone inside

Maybe her life isn’t what it seems to be

She walks in a room with a smile on her face

And her body seems to float in air with every pace

Anything she wants to be she knows she can

But things are going on that no one understands

Everything to make her happy; nothing she can’t afford

But in reality she wants something that’s so much more

No one will buy her flowers because they think it’s not enough

No one will hold her hand because they think she has too much

Inside is a little girl that’s too scared of the dark

And all she really wants is for someone to hold her heart

And every single night when she goes to sleep

She slowly drifts off into an old reoccurring dream

She dreams of a charming boy giving her a promise ring

And telling her the world and that to him she is everything

But when it’s all over and she wakes up in the night

All she can really do is hold herself and cry

She sees folks walking down the hall together holding hands

And she’d give anything and everything just to do what they can

They say she keeps her head up because everyone is beyond her reach

But in reality the blue sky is all that she can see

But everyone seems to believe that she has it all

That thinking, wanting anything more would be way to wrong

Still no one wants to comprehend what’s really inside

I guess that’s why at night she holds herself and cries

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/15/04

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stoleninnocence's picture

this was really great and sad! is this about you? I think you wrote what alot of young rich girls feel but never say or show. People thing being rich is everything and that your fine and happy yet dep down your crying and something more important is missing. I liked this alot!!