The Truth



In a small two bedroom apartment in New York City,a young girl sat on her bed, looking out of the window and down at the city below. Cars were jammed between intersections and people lined the sidewalks, trying to get to their destinations.She began to drowse, as the sounds of the city always made her tired. A knock on the front door made her jolt awake. The girl stood up, walking out of her room and towards the front door. She assumed her mother had forgot her  keys when she left for work that morning, which she did often. She opened the door and saw a man with dark brown hair. He had obviously not heard the door open because he was looking to his left, down the hallway. “Uhm...Can I help you with something Sir?” The girl asked the man that was standing in front of her.The male looked at her, and smiled fakely. “Yes, I was wondering if Anna Riena was here.” He asked the girl.

“Yes, but she is busy and cannot come to the door at the moment.” She lied to the man, afraid of what he might do if she said he was home alone. “If you tell me your name, I can tell her you stopped by.”

“Yes, thank you. My name is Ryland.” The man replied

“Okay, I’ll tell her you came by.” She then closed and locked the door. She took a sigh of relief. The girl didn’t really like talking to people, especially people she didn’t know. She took her phone out of her pocket and called her mother, hoping that she would answer. After a view seconds, a female’s voice came through the small speaker.

“Hello?” Said the voice. “Mom, some guy named Ryland just showed up at the door. He was wondering if you were here. I told him you were, but that was because, oh nevermind, you already know why.” She explained to her mother.

“Ashley, what did he look like?” Worry and fear clashed in the woman’s voice. She knew something that Ashley didn’t.

“Dark brown hair, about 6 feet tall, hazel eyes.” Ashley explained to her mother.”

“If he comes back… Don’t open the door. I mean it. That man is dangerous.” The worry was no longer in her voice, it was only fear now.

“Uhm, okay. Who is he mom? How does he know you?” Ashley asked her mother.

“He is someone from my past. He is irrelevant now. Just, promise me you won’t answer the door if he comes back..” Anna replied

“O-Okay mom, I promise” Ashley hesitated, she was curious of who exactly the man was and how he knew her mother.

“Thank you, I have to get back to work now. I’ll see you in about an hour when I get home. Love you Hun.” Anna said

“Love you too Mom.” Ashley then heard a small *click* through the phone’s tiny speaker, indicating that her mother had hung up the phone. She put her phone back in her pocket and went back to her room, closing the door and lying down on her bed. She fell asleep until the sound of the front unlocking and opening woke her.

“Honey, I’m home” Ashley heard her mom yell from the kitchen.

She stood up, getting out of bed and walking into the kitchen.

“What’s for dinner Mom?”

“I don’t know yet. But, pack up..we’re leaving.” Anna’s voice was strained, as if she was afraid.

“Wait, what?” Ashley was confused, what could have made her so worried. Was it that man?”

“I got a job offer in Seattle.” Ashley could tell her mother was lying.

“Oh, okay Mom.” Ashley replied. She went to her room and knelt beside her bed, pulling her suitcases out from underneath. She began with the things that were the most sentimental to her, the picture of her holding her baby sister who had died from hepatoblastoma as an 18 month old.. She packed up her polaroids of her and her childhood friends, and a postcard from her father, who had left when she was just a small child. She then proceeded to to pack up her clothes and her laptop in a separate suitcase. Ashley grabbed her wallet from her dresser and walked back into the kitchen. “Okay, i’m all packed up.” She told her mother.

“Good. Now let’s go.” Anna replied.

Seven hours later, Ashley and Anna arrived in Seattle. They walked out of the airport with their luggage and looked around. The iconic Space needle loomed over the city, cars lined the streets and a police siren wailed a few streets away. “Where are we gonna stay Mom?” Ashley asked as she turned towards Anna.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a "Hero's Journey" story that I had to write for English Language Arts. I thought I should post it on here and see what you guys think.

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just came Back

I Did enjoy it! it was pretty good! It has a very mature and realistic vibe.


J. Rodriguez

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Great write.