The Love For A Trucker


Some nights, I still look around
Longing for the touch of your hand,
Your wheels just keep turning
But finally I started to understand.

It's hard on me, not having you here
But I know it's hard on you too.
Tears I've cried won't wash away
These feelings I've got for you.

You're a man on the run,
But not by the choice of heart
I won't hold it against you
When we have to kiss and part.

The job takes you far away,
Sometimes for days at a time
But I know things will be alright
Just keep it between the lines.

I'll be here waiting when you return
From the driving and carrying the load;
Wishing you'd stay just for the moment
Never to leave on that lonesome road.

The love for a trucker is never easy
They're always leaving their girl behind
Praying for them to return home safe
But it's a love that's one of a kind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's pretty much self expressed; I know most people who read this will kind of understand the situation. And I know any one who has dated or is married to a truck driver feels this exact way when (s)he has to leave on the job. It's never easy but there's always that moment when they return to be in the arms of their love. That's a precious moment to look forward to. I hope everyone enjoys this.

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There's some nice double

There's some nice double descriptives in here, and it's a well-felt poem. Your understanding, and ability to express it, reflects both your love and his deserving of it.