Don't Leave Me Here Lost and Alone

"Don't Leave Me Here Lost and Alone"

by: Rachael D. Frye

Friday, Oct. 20, 2006 :: @  9:08pm

I sit and wonder from day to day

Think about the time I waste away

Speak only words from my heart

Walk alone; I fall horribly apart.

Visions escape, what am I to do?

I can only think about him untrue.

I look up and try to dry my misty eyes

The pain is more than I had realized.

I make my way, crawling on the floor

I open up my heart's hollowed door.

Faces turn, people look, tears fall.

No one is ever there when I call.

My voice shakes; My body so weaks

My lips numb; I can't even speak.

Why did he do this, my voice echos in my head

I look around, for his face I dearly dread.

Tempted to lock the door closed forever

Knowing he and I cannot be together.

Killing the faith I once had before...

I lay motionlessly, sprawled on the floor.

I try to raise my head, it only falls

I ask myself why I am left with these walls.

I look around, still motionless on the floor...

I know my life is worth so much more.

I try to get up, I fall to my knees

I look up, begging "God, Please.

Help me get the strength and courge to go on.

Don't leave me here, lost and all alone."

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