Mirror, Mirror....

Loneliness Poems

Mirror, mirror,

it’s not on the wall..



It  cracked  like a  ghoul

How come?

I don’t know,  

but it really  cracked!  

Can I fix it?

Can I use a  paste?

Aaaahhh!   Nah!

How ‘bout  bebble gum?

Yuck, what a nuts!


Mmmmm  mighty-bond?

Too late!  

It multiply

and fooling around.

Playing ghoul

around the ball!


In the mirror

there’s a reflection

Reflection in your image

and in your likeness

A replica

with one same thoughts...

With  enticing sweetest words.

Inquisitive thoughts within me

A dare

for an odd web mastermind

With harmony of precious feelings


in order to cover up exposures.

You're a replica

Who keeps on bagging me

A cloned

who puts me into shame

Your twins

who always avoiding

and neglecting me

With your image

that stubbed  me

You're a copy cut

who always conceal

A duplicate

who always run to trick me

And the unsacred one

whom I really hated!

All in one role with various traits

All in one reflection within me.


mirror in various clones,

Who’s the genius magician of them all?

Don’t you know that I hated  them all…?

But you made me fall in love

with  your unsacred role.

The more with the Master

The Master who's watching over me

Always there to make me happy

The Master who loves me

no matter what.

Will you blame me?  

Fall in love as well

with your unsacred role?

How long you will go into hiding?

How long you will go on tricking me?

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Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

Great prose! (^_^)