Special friend


I only have one special friend,

His name is Mike, until the end

I know he'd never leave my side,

Be there to talk, and to confide

I love him and trust him with my heart,

Because I know he'd never tear it apart

He knows my deepest and darkest desire,

And when I'm down he sparks my fire

He knows how to cheer me when I'm sad,

And make me feel happy when I'm mad

He knows just how to treat my right,

He makes me feel as high as a kite

There are no words to describe this friend,

other than

Amazing, fantastic, wonderful, compassionate, and Grand

He's the only one who can make me feel this way,

He's the only person I need everyday

He means far more than words can say,

I'll love him till my final day

I'll love him till the very end,

Thats why Mike is My Special Friend!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mike, Baby I love you with all my heart, and I just want to know that I think you are the greatest, and even if I cant have you as my one and only, I still am grateful to have you as my best friend... I am lucky to have someone as sweet as you!

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Terri's picture

A very affectionate piece. Just one thing - your bio doesn't say whether you are male or female!