Over You

love loss

Is there anything that I can do,

to make you see that I've stopped loving you

I've gotten over you,

and stopped having those feelings too

Why should I keep dreaming of something I cant have,

making believe I had a chance, when I never had

I think I've hurt MYSELF more than you have,

trying to accept the descisions you've had

I feel so much better now that I've gotten over you,

just being close friends is all I want with you

I hope you can forgive me for my foolish past,

and make a new beginning and a friendship that will last

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Zip . . . .'s picture

If only it were that easy, as easy as writing words down, to truely get over intense feelings for someone. Getting over someone in reality takes time over an extended period I'm afraid. The only quick way out is via Hatrid. And we only hate those who are close to us.