One small favor

why must you tease me like this?

making me think we were gunna kiss

when you held me my heart fell through the floor,

I kept wishing... oh please baby, More

just imagining your sweet lips on mine,

letting you know, you love me just fine.

I want you so bad it hurts me inside,

a wish for a kiss, a dream that has died

no kiss when we met, no kiss when we parted,

my dream was shattered and was left broken-hearted

I tell you this now, after sobbing in tears

that feeling you gave me, I haven't  felt in years

you to be my first is all I ask,

wondering why thats such a difficult task

dont pull me in and push me away,

that hurts me so much more that way

why would you lead me on like that?

letting my heart go with the drop of a hat

why did you make me think you loved me?

when all along you knew it couldn't be

do I even have a chance?

could you be the one to show me romance?

are you even worth my time?

loving you, but never being mine?

you've done that twice now and it hurts me a lot,

thinking your gunna do it and find out, you're not

all I ask is for one small favor,

just once and a memory forever to savor

I know this poem is kind of gay,

but I want you to know how I felt that day

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem because the guy i love plays mind games with me and makes moves on me but then backs down. he leads me on and steps off and this is exactly the way i felt 4/9/04

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It is a Cruel person indeed who would Tease in such a way with the solo intent of boosting their own ego!