A Word Unspoken

Taunted from day one,

beaten and bruised,

walking in a war zone

so confused.

What did he even do wrong?

All he wanted was to belong.

But no,

that is not how it works.

Not in this day, not in the age,

not with all the words of hurt.

One step, but you didn’t do it right.

Now that step led to a fight.

First from a bully,

but then from your dad.

Why does it seem like

everyone has gone mad?

They all are crazy,

out of their mind.

Where is the love?

Why is it so hard to find?

They look at you 

all torn,

but they don’t even notice

their devil horns.

Life has left you broken,

Love’s a word unspoken.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've gone through some crazy stuff to really put my inspiration down in this piece.

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I felt the pain Hope it is

I felt the pain

Hope it is better

thanks for the emotional words 

grouped from all the random letters.