Fear Engulfing my Brain

Mental Illnesses

The thoughts in my head

   are getting worse.

They are taking over my life,

   changing the way I deal with things,

   and my ability to handle what is given.

I struggle daily

   to push through the day

   without being attacked with panic.

Fear settles within you;

   its claws are set in your skin.

You cannot escape fear,

   it’s always with you.

I cannot begin to explain

   what it’s like to live this way.

My head is pressured

   with worried thoughts.

I have shaky footsteps

   and weak grasps.

My life shattered like glass.

My eyes dripping like rain.

 Fear engulfing my brain.

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So true i struggle with this

So true i struggle with this daily, Thoughts create emotions and emotions just keep feeding those complusive fearful thoughts, it really is a vicious cycle. Much love and stay strong.