Not Particularly Good

I can do anything,

but I am not particulalry good at everything.

For example,

I can skateboard

... and by skateboard I mean

I can push, ride, and if I'm feeling brave

pop an ollie one millimeter off the ground.

So yay! You can call me a female skateboarder.

I can also play the cajon.

A cajon is a wooden box

with something inside it that makes a snare sound,

and an area that makes the bass sound.

By play the cajon I mean

I can play "We Will Rock You."

The average "so simple" beat.

So yeah... You can call me a female drummer.

I have muscles and I lift weights.

By mscles I mean a small bump in my bicep area,

and weights I mean five pound dumbells

that I can only do ten reps with.

But hey! I'm kind of strong.

I can write poety,

but it's literal, with no imagery.

My similies are like math,

they make no sense.

Why did they even put the alphabet in math?

Oh! Now it is like politics!

Going off topic to avoide the actual problem.


I am capable of accomplishing great things.

One day I could be great at something!

I could be biting a gold medal,

or crying after winning an Oscar,

but my dedication has slipped away.

I dip my toes into new things

but I never swim out into the deep end.

I could be achieving something,

but I sit on the ledge,

splash my feet,

and enjoy my time


How do you have a futue

not being particularly good at anything?

I could blog...

but I wouldn't post.

I could photograph things...

but I don't have the "perfect eye."

My future is blurrred.

No one thing interests me.

I want to be everywhere.

I want to submerge myself into everything.

I want to live.

And because of that,

one day, I will sit behind a desk,

complaining about a job

I'm not even good at.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Feeling discouraged today... Hmpf.. Atleast life hasn't even begun yet for me! 

KindredSpirit's picture

I liked this

For it being matter of fact

And the cuteness you brought to it.

Which I see as being you.


I wish so much that I was your age again  €:-×)

Really do like it.

Spinoza's picture

No one thing interests me.I

No one thing interests me.

I want to be everywhere.

I want to submerge myself into everything.

… I feel this way all the time, and I think it's the natural way to feel – for everyone who finds the world a curious place

allets's picture

Great Imagery!

Really got ino the humor. Honest write! ~allets~