We Could Climb Mountains

Mountains climb as people stand.

They say if you breed two tall people together,

they will have a tall child.

But where do they stand?

Do they shrink under pressure,

and give into society?

Allowing the world to grow around them,

hiding them under tall buildings,

and tall words that make small people?

Tall ideas that make other people small?

Our mountains are climbing higher,

and we are making people smaller.

Even if they are 6 feet tall,

one day they will be 6 feet under.

But, they felt 10 feet under

even when alive.

We, with our tall stacks of money,

making small people smaller,

with our small waists,

small brains,

and small ideas.

We could climb mountains!

Make discoveries no one would of ever thought of!

If we just brought someone up here with us.

But we don't.

We just let ourselves because tall

with pride.

Shrinking those around us

for our own satification.

What did you do today?

Did you help someone climb a mountain?

Or did you shrink around one with everyone else?


KindredSpirit's picture

I read this the other day

And wrote a poem

That was a comment poem

With your name in it.

But I didnt want to embarrass you Jo.


Like that  "  Little girl with a Big Heart  ".

lostboyjojo's picture

Did you post it on here? May

Did you post it on here?

May I read it? 

Small girl with a big heart. -Jo 

KindredSpirit's picture

Let me find it

And I will.

It is not that much.

Just what I was thinking

At the moment.


Later JoJo

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Mountain Skirting

I've climbed a few, push-pulled up my share - at 66, gazing down-mountain, I shout encouragenent with last breaths : D



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We never gain wisdom by


We never gain wisdom by climbing over people. But when we lift someone upon our shoulders – it always offers a greater vantage point, than what we attain at our own eye-level. And sometimes it's just a beautiful thing to have someone on your shoulders.