Number of Lines: 39

You are not a poet

because I have been writing poetry 

way longer that you have.

So that would make my poetry better.

Your 39 line long randomness

could never compete with my 40 line beast.

My words are bigger,

more symbolic,

like an elephant on a mountain

while your words

are fleas on a crumb.

Pathetic and no one wants you around.

Speaking of you

there is no way your 5'1 looking baby face

could match my 5'2 looking adult.

Did you even try to wing your eyeliner?

Was it drawn with a spoon?

No worries! I drew mine with a sword.

The same one I used to cut you apart.

Your circle identity now a square

just like mine...

and the rest of societies.

Dare to be different?

I double dog dare you to be the same.

You aren't yet good enough to be different.

You don't deserve to live in the clouds.

Bring your head back down here,

I have more words to say.

Sew your lips shut

with the same red lipstick I am using.

Don't speak up;

bury your words.

You missed your chance.

They won't believe you know!

You are not you now!

Try to write a poem;

try to speak out.

But, it has to be 40 lines,

not 39.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A lot going on in this one. Spoken as someone who has contantly said terrible tings to me to bring me down to their level and act just as them. Thank you poetry for allowing me to be me and speak in my own voice. And yes, one day she did tell me I was not a poet because she was writing poetry before I was. Oh the things people must say to feel better about themselves nowadays. Keep your head up and stay strong my loves.

KindredSpirit's picture


I had to come back to say

I really like your poem

And how you stood up

For yourself.

You just have to know

How /  when  /  and where

To fight your battles.


I reread it and liked it more.

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Thank you

I always enjoy your comments. I apperciate them and your honesty. Thank for reading (:


Small girl with a big heart. -Jo 

KindredSpirit's picture


I always like what you have to say.

You make me think.

I will leave it at that.


I am glad you went and got some

New notebooks.