They Can't Call This Love

Love Poems

They say that love never dies,

yet it can kill so many beautiful creatures.

How come love never ends,

yet it ends the life of those who found it?

Why does love crush us

even though it has lifted us past the highest mountain?

We stood tall,


leaning on its shoulder

allowing ourselves to cave into its beauty.

Allowing ourselves to use it as a cane

to help ourselves when we are at our weakest points.

Saying "I love you" to people

who don't say it back,

yet knowing that maybe they already fell for loves trap.

Maybe they can't turn around and say it back,

say it straightforward,

because those three words

ruined their love for themselves.

So they say it without letting you know.

They kiss you on the cheek,

"You are beautiful,"

yet they have never felt beauty themselves

after the heartbreak they had many years ago.

They tell you to call them as soon as you get home,

because even though they cannot love you

they would be just as heartbroken if you were hurt.

They cannot love anymore,

but they can express it in the simplest ways.

So when they climb that highest mountain

knowing there is a feeling for you

yet not being able to call it love,

when they lean their head on your shoulder

you wont step out of the way.

Instead of love

letting them avalanche down the side of a mountain

breaking every bone in their body

shattering their heart,

they meet your shoulder

with comfort.

You say, "I love you,"

and they say, "Thank you."


KindredSpirit's picture


I feel so much Love in this.


It is rubbing off on me.

Love it

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Thank you (: 

Thank you (: 

Small girl with a big heart. -Jo