It's my fault

I literally want to scream at the world

and rip it to shreds.

For that is what it did to me.


That is what it let me do to myself.

The world let me think it was okay

to tear myself into little pieces.

Society opened the door to the wrong path.

It led me astray from myself

allowing me to give in to depression.

It gave me the opporunity to harm.

But it told me "that was the only way."

I wasn't enough for the world.

So it let me think I didn't deserve to be here at all.

All the faces around me meant so much more

than I ever could to a single person.

So I let myself fall into this shameful depression

but then again I let myself blame it on the world.

That's not it though.

It is not only societys' fault.

I let the water sink my boat,

the monster ate away my insides,

because I was to angry at the world.

My mind was anothers lost in this society

that I never allowed myself

   to love.


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Don't blame yourself


You got 19 reads already

So someone is hearing you.

It takes me a month to get 19 reads

Unless theyre just peeking

When nobodys lookin''''


Like the write

Sometimes I want to tear it apart too.

Like it needs it though:::+-+

Right ?

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Honestly, I have a twitter so

Honestly, I have a twitter so I share it on there and that's were my initial reads come from. Then people see it on the top poems and it grows from there. Publicity is key. Share your poetry everywhere!!

Small girl with a big heart. -Jo 

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Thanx for the info

I am a dummy about all that.

I even thought you were male.

I just read your poem  " Smoke "

And I understand.

Pretty cool


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Nice Rant & Rage Write

The idea of ripping the world to shreds has crossed my mind only did not know what tool to use or what size fulcrum. Good rant and it was the pix, I thought you a dude too - and oh yeah, I know you peeked at least 10 times! -slc-