Butterfly Wings


Tear off their wings

Add them to your collection

Break their hearts

Just for the satisfaction

Smother them with pages

As you sing your song

Add them to the others

As they learn you’re wrong

Watch the dust smudge on their wings

As you close the book

The sparkle fade from their eyes

As they cast you one last look

Watch them flutter to the ground

Before you make your move

As they fall for your act

Of everlasting love

As you rip off their wings

Look into their eyes

As you rip out their heart

Watch as their soul dies

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ok, This is comparing two things, If you get them good for you...If not reread it and the title...This aint like most of my poems but I dont think its that bad...At least I hope not...

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Heather S's picture

this has to be the best one ive read yet. i can feel the emotion of the words while i read them. thats a really good skill to have

Amanda Holland's picture

I just read a couple of your poems and this is the one I like best. I love the extended metaphor.

Christine S's picture

not that bad??? this poem is wonderful and i love it.