Come Back

About Someone

Come back to me

Don’t leave me too

Can’t handle it already

Don’t add more

Please understand

Try to comprehend

How your making me feel

It hurts so much

Please try to fix it

I know that you can

Please notice me

I’m here too

Can’t you see me

Am I invisible to you?

Also know

Please notice me

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itsmesowhatofit's picture

I can definitely realte to this, I have been in the same room with someone I love very much and she is so distant, even when I tried to hold her, she pushes me away, chin up! Keep on writing, it will heal your soul!

Loaded and ready To fall apart's picture

Like the poem.....but who's this poem about?? j/w. you're not invisible i'm sure there's people who notice you...but i know how you's especially when you want someone to notice you when you feel invisible to everyone.