Dear Envy


The thought of you being my friend, and turning my mother against me. You stealing my boyfriend and exploiting me on the internet. I still love you and have the same respect I had before this silly situation. Wheather you know it or not you are beautiful just the way you are, even though you dress like your a low self-esteem young girl. I just love the way you treat others. You inspire me soo much. You know like the way you minipulate and take advantage of those who love you for your own selfish benifits. What a good way to get to the top of the success ladder. I mean who now-a-days really work hard to become successfull? You are the most trust-worthy person i have ever met. I wish i could become more like you. Heartless, helpless, hopeless, nieve, and shallow. I think everyone should be more like you. Then maybe you could be our queen, so that we could follow your lead and you could make the world A BETTER PLACE.

p.s. write back soon. I'll hold my breath until you do. Im dying to hear your response.

Yours Truely,

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