candy isle in the candy store

with candy canes and candy corn

polarized at the polar ice

where the magazines all stare at me

with dead eyes


i watched your face turn into me

with the movie scenes on the model screens

you checked me out, i was checking out

we're all checked out, this is all a dream

so save me


walk through town with tired eyes

a generation screaming lies

it's a fine line you must walk down,

it's a fine line, it's a fine line.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i live in a van now and internet access is limited. most of the poetry i write these days is just lyrics for my band.

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"'s a fine line you must

"'s a fine line you must walk down,/it's a fine line, it's a fine line..." A line that echoes with treble entendre - it is a line, the line IS fine, walking it - a rare set of definitions floating around each other - nicely conspiring to entertain. :D