the cia is tracking me


low, low, low

i can't feel your ghost

haunt me, i love you

more than water

more than i can


something's wrong, what am i to do?

is there a way when i can't let it go?

is there something more when words are not?

alright, alright. i light the light

it's not the first time i'm just getting bored

of sights and fights and wasting time, oh my am i just paranoid?


little metaphors


into hearts..

"love thyself"

but that's impossible

there's no mind of mine, could ever be thought about


i blame my friends

i blame myself

you say my name

i hate myself


come alive


kindness, kindness

hardened, hardened

kindness, kindness

hardened, hardened


i love myself

i want to be like you

i'm tired of being here

make me like you

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Ejoyed "...carved into hearts..."love thyself"... Lady A