1. Cauliflower in India


corn stalks block your sight right next

to highways in rural towns. america

looks just like a quilt from the sky.

soybeans do the same, the midwest counties often

spray over the food, to produce crackers and cake.

in india they grow a funny flower

though often bland it is best covered in cheese

that is why chinese people think we smell funny

that is, too much cheese.


2. The day smelled of bright purple


the day smells of bright purple

as yellow tamborines inside

the songbirds sing their sultry song

to beaten beasts in flowing fields

along the lazy river rhine.


3. Chances are taken as if coins flipped


hamlet asks "to be or not to be"

as if there is a choice in the matter

matter of fact, once you are matter

it matters not what choice you make

regarding the matter. songs of lament

in the book of psalms speak of the same.

chances are, someone pondering this

is riddled with anxiety, nevermind the now;

the finite world is full of choices,

every choice is a new universe

and all other realities are destroyed.

to see the eternal consequences

in the choice to inhale oxygen

is enough to strike you with awe

and leave you breathless.

4. Night settles and the mist follows


swallow. steady hands in sands of time stand tall

but fall short of all. so daylight swoons and night settles

and the mist follows. what's left to see is the haze of life

gaurding the gates of truth and awaiting the bold to come

and fight the lie, for the sun shall rise once more


5. Mood somber poets should sing of sorrow


if thou dost despair, is thy sickness set apart?

thy heart is on on the road to destruction.

thy mind shalt sing "good-by" to the temp and the divine

for sorrow is thy lonely lulliby.

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This one makes me go

This one makes me go 'Ahhhhhhh!' :) 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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The lonesome winds must sing

The lonesome winds must sing you to sleep.

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NICE title. But, I am biased. U worked it! Neato. One of many favorite lines: "...the finite world is full of choices..." Wicked! - allets -

Good to see you, grandson ~(;D)-