flashy fabricated fornicating fasteners

flippantly recieving emasculated flagellators.

fleshy fangs, fangled fingers. cheaters linger

leaf eating sleepers bleeding

cigerrrrello mellow feeble

needles eating me and hedonistically:

the sequel. equal evils keep the reeds choked.

smoke. soak the lung. gun the man, man the gun

and run the show. folks don't know

who runs the show: the son; so slow the boat

don't coat the truth with youth n'

useless news and choose the choice

to lose the noise and cruise along


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This is a face punch! very

This is a face punch! very good!

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Paranoia Is Warm

And it is said it causes peace of mind. Could the bards be wrong? Have they been wrong all these centuries? Yes. You are probably right. :D   &   ;D     ~allets~