plastic palm trees clutter the beach.
carbon quitters, pavement litter.
no more pleasure can make this better.
concrete, contrived, wear out my eyes.
broken cities, dust on my feet,
desperate crackheads, urban wastelands
make me wonder what else is there?
nothing compares, love is somewhere.

..cancer sleepers, starving sunshine,
unbelievers fill the skylines.
no more pleasure, make this better.
concrete, contrived, wear out my eyes.
tiny boxes, giant egos,
lying foxes hunting eagles.
where's the hope here? not in sports cars.
nothing compares, God is in my heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

song i wrote for an album i am working on.

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A Lyric For Our Time

Beautiful and topical near tropical lyrics - timely and well said - :D enjoyed - grat lyric - slc