Stand Up For Nature

Feel the rain
And dance in
Its brilliance
As its raindrops
Dance off of you
Feel the wind
And hear its music
As it rustles
Through the trees
See the art
In nature
The rain, the snow,
The colorfilled
On the trees
In fall
The mountains
It has careved
See the masterpiece
The earth is presenting
And understand
That if we don't
Take a stand
For nature
While we can
Then it could mean
The start of the end
For mankind

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    Enjoyed your poem, it



Enjoyed your poem, it revels in the earth's elements and sceneary. Your right we have one earth, look after it or it will spell the end of us and earth.

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You made me wish there was some Fountain of Youth

You made me wish there was some Fountain of Youth.But my bones are too weak to hold the lofty flagpole.God be with you in your radical aspirations.