We as a society
Have come so far
That we are now
Too blind to see
How far we still
Need to go
Racism and sexism
Both still
Alive and well
And far too many
Still think they have
The right to tell
Gays that they
Cannot get married
Hell when it comes
To the views of
Far too many people
Bi racial couples
Are still frowned upon
Yet we still call
Todays world progress
Is it just me
Or has anybody else
Had about enough
Of this bullshit
It's time we
Stopped just talking
About it and started doing
Something about it
Because the longer
We let this madness go on

The worse it will be for everybody

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ranting is an artform on pp. Read more on the site and make comments if you are able. More people will read you and not worry about being told - poets should have a mouth on 'em, but a disciplined one - I know "so what, hun?" I remember disdain thought it might have mellowed some. The poem was okayish - Allets