I Am Wiccan And Proud To Be

I am wiccan
I worship
The earth
Because of that
Even though
I may not practice
I am still a witch
In every true sense
Of the world
But believe me
It does not mean
At all what you think
 We believe in the earth
In the universe
And yes karma
For us is times 3
But if you ask me
For some people
It should be
I do the right thing
Becuase it is
The right thing
Period and that in
My opnion
Is the only reason
Why anyone
Should do anything
Instead of
In return
For something
But hey just saying

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strange writing style, a

strange writing style, a little broken up maybe make sentences a little longer. Good message as I have Wiccan friends, but I am Christian and we respect each other. Care to give me some feedback?